Choosing School ERP or College ERP for your business?

Most Important & Frequently asked questions in selecting an ERP solution.

Which is a best school erp in india?

Vedanta ERP solution which is an education ERP software means that anyone who is having education business in india can buy this software. It can automate school, college, university or professional institutions. This is School ERP and College ERP, let you dynamically design user dashboard and automate every process in your school/college and help you make data driven decisions

What are the list of essential features of School ERP or College ERP in india?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planner, which mean any software which claims to be an ERP must provide a 100% automation of process in a school or college. Vedanta Software ERP software does automation Front Office, People, Academics, Finance   Infrastructure which means it covers process possible in an education business. In Today's modern technology work the school erp must be flexible, user friendly as well as easy to work through both web and mobile devices.

List of features expected in an School ERP or College ERP
Parent/Staff Mobile App
  1. Student Profile
  2. Attendance
  3. Online Fee Payment
  4. Academic Calender
  5. Home work
  6. GPS Vehicle Tracking
  7. Time Table
  8. Inbox-Communication
  9. Curriculam Plan
  10. School Policy Documents
  11. Report Card
  12. QRCode Staff Attendance
  13. Social Media Links
Front Office
  1. Visitor Management
  2. Appointment Management
  3. Enquiry & Appointment
  4. Automated Attendance
  5. Daily Activity Reporting
  6. Visitor & Customer Management
  7. Student/Staff Birthday Alert
  8. Circular Notifications
  9. Role Based/Access User Accounts
  10. Student/Parents login
  11. Personalized user dashboard’s
  12. Staff/Student Birthday Alerts
  13. Dashboard with Analytics
  1. Staff QR Code Attendance
  2. HR Management
  3. Student Management
  4. Vendor Management
  5. Registration Workflows
  6. Admission Management
  7. Address and Contacts
  8. Staff/Student Attendance
  9. Integrated SMS Messaging
  10. Leave Approvals Management
  11. Auto Complete Student Search
  12. Timeline/Profile
  13. Documentation Checklist
  1. Academics Session Management
  2. Standard Section Management
  3. Books/Subject/Classes
  4. Interactive Time Table
  5. Examination & Report Card
  6. Library Management
  7. Examination / Curriculum Planner
  8. Performance Tracker
  9. Students Home/Assignments
  10. Examination Management System
  11. Report Card Generation
  12. Digital Video Report Card
  13. Cummulative Analysis Reports
  1. Fee Management
  2. Discount Category
  3. Salary Management
  4. Vendor Billing Management
  5. Receipts and Payments
  6. Financial Reports / Cash Collection
  7. SMS Fee & Salary Alerts
  8. Online Fee Payment Integration
  9. Advanced Fee statement report
  10. General discount/sibling discount
  11. Accounting with Tally Integration
  12. QR Code Payment Option
  1. Day/Cash Book
  2. Summary Reports
  3. Student ledger
  4. Previous Year Outstanding
  5. Reconcillation of Transfer Certificate
  6. Advances Forfeit/carry forward
  7. Student Strength Audit
  8. Outstanding waive off
  9. Scheduling Audit Report
  10. Accounting Voucher
  11. Trial Balance
  1. Building & Asset Management
  2. Facilities Management
  3. Transport Management
  4. Multiple Store/Inventory
  5. Hostel Facility Management
  6. Student Health Care Module
  1. Dynamic Dashboard Setting
  2. Modules and Permission
  3. Manage User Access/Roles
  4. Master Data Controlling
  5. User Active/Deactive
  6. Security Log Analysis
  7. Academic Session Management

School ERP must be dynamic, configurable to cater the changing requirement of the oragnization Also the company which develop ERP must release atleast 1 quaterly release so that a combined intelligence of user must incorporate in all future release too.Make sure the company has sufficient developer   support staff and School ERP or College ERP is not white labeled by others.

Is free college ERP or School ERP worth buying?
Yes, in certain cases free erp solution can be adopted after proper investigation of the school erp company by understanding their business model. We at Vedanta School ERP solution does offer free ERP solution for school who promise atleast 80% free collection through payment gateway; in this case Vedanta Charges a small fraction embeded in PG charges to maintain the operational charges of ERP services. This model can serve as long term strategoy for digital transformation of your school.
Be very careful from companies who are just starting the development of a school erp or are in very initial stage of development, they may offer you free of cost but there could be several pitfull in implementing such a school erp system. They can give a lot of paing to your users, spoil your image in parent community or can do a lot of damage of your data.

How much should I pay for School ERP or College ERP in India
Vedanta School ERP Software with Student Mobile App, Staff Mobile App is available in just Rs 60/- per student per year. This is cheap and best at this point in the market. This school erp company is also having partner ship with large bank like ICICI   and Yes Bank, which can further help you reduce the cost by providing subventions through the banks. So get a fee school erp demo or fee college erp demo, email now to or call 9899252291 right now.
There are other players in school erp in Indian market which can give a school ERP solution around Rs 10 rupees per month to Rs 50 rupees per month

Does school ERP include Mobile Application for parents?
Yes, the most essential module of any school erp or college erp is student mobile app or parent module app. Most users in India nowadays using mobile app to access their student details in a mobile app so make sure to choose a company which is great looking and easy to operate mobile app for parents.

What are major problems in a school ERP implementation?
  1. Most of the time the end users are not very receptive about change in school erp
  2. Historical Data Import with restoration option must looked careful as it can be real pain in the compilation of data in school ERP
  3. Data security must be full proof in any school ERP so be extra careful

Who are major players in school ERP in India? What are their order in term of number of school erp implementations

  1. Vedanta ERP #1 Free Software Solution for School/College/University This is the only AI enabled school erp in India with over 1500+ installation in India. Vedanta school ERP solution process more then Rs 500cr of payments per year as on academic year 2022-2023
  2. Fedena By Foradian Technologies
  3. SchoolPro by Third Eye Infotech Pvt Ltd
  4. EduERP Software
  5. School Manager Software By Edunext Technologies
  6. ZeroERP Education management Software
  7. mySkoolapp Education ERP Software
  8. iCampuz Online School Software
  9. School SAAS ERP Software
  10. Entab School Software

Can Vedanta School ERP can replace the existing ERP?
Yes, Vedanta school ERP can replace any existing ERP or any other software currently curring in your organization. Our school ERP has developed tool for importing or exporting data from easy excel format, our tech team will ensure that your users get the production live software after making all required change like updating fee structure, setting up the template and importing staff and student data etc.
Vedanta school erp has replace lot of exist ERP like Entab, EduNext or fedena along with several local school erp system

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Date Updated : 10-October-2022
Updated By : Rajesh Dagar

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